Concrete Pool Builders Ringwood

Concrete Pools Ringwood

Striking Pools are specialist concrete pool builders who service homes in Ringwood. Our custom concrete pools are of high-quality and are a great asset to your backyard. With many options available to suit every space and landscape.

Our team can build any shape or size you choose with options of render, partially tiled, fully tiled or plunge pools and in every finish including rendered, Ceramic Mosaic, Glass Mosaic, Crystal Glass and Natural Stone finishes for both pools and spas.

Choosing a custom concrete swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make for your property and lifestyle.

A custom pool allows you to choose your exact specifications from size and shape, to the glass, tiles and edging without the restriction of a prefabricated model. Our custom pools are built from the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure the longevity of your pool so you can feel confident you have made the right choice.

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Plunge Pools Melbourne

Whether you're limited for space of simply looking for a compact concrete pool to have a dip in, our Melbourne based team at Striking Pools can design and construct an in situ concrete plunge pool to suit your space and budget, with a wide range of interior finishes.

If you are after a shimmering & sparkling concrete swimming pool then look no further than a Quartzon or glass pebble rendered finish. Always coupled with a tiled waterline border, and with a wide range of colours and blends available, you have the ability to mix and match tile and render colours to create the sparkly swimming haven of your dreams.

With the widest range of tiles available, ceramic mosaics tiles are a brilliant choice for your custom concrete pool interior at a moderate price. Tiles sizes range from 23mm up to 97mm and are available in blended colours as well as solid colours to create a premium & timeless interior finish to your pool. Fully tiled concrete pools not only look fantastic, but are extremely durable, smooth under foot and very easy to maintain.


Striking Pools can take your pool interior to the next level with glass mosaics. With a huge range available of different colours and textures with options for blended, marble, gold and pearl effects you have endless ability to create a concrete swimming pool masterpiece. Tile sizes generally range from 20-25mm and are available to view in Striking Pools Melbourne showroom.

Crystal Glass Pool Tiles Melbourne

Crystal glass tiles create a neat and classy tile look for the perfect outdoor setting. Crystal glass tiles are a clear glass tile with a coloured glazed backing, giving a brilliant sparkle and reflections when in direct sunlight or with your lights on at night. Available in solid and blended colours and with sizes ranging from 20-48mm provide a great choice to create a sophisticated classy concrete swimming pool.

Natural Stone Swimming Pools Melbourne

If you are looking to have a concrete swimming pool set apart from the rest, then a natural stone tiled interior is one to consider. With stone available such as Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Bluestone, Sandstone and more , with size ranges from 250mm to 1m wide tiles, your possibilities are endless to create a unique and inspiring swimming effect.

Concrete Spas Melbourne

Looking to enjoy a dip all year round and at any time of the day, then a custom concrete spa by Striking Pools is a great addition to your concrete swimming pool or stand alone spa if you wish. Not only are spas great to enjoy socially they provide many health benefits such as relaxation and relieving of muscle aches and pains, stress relief and can also assist in helping you sleep. The construction possibilities are endless, such as raised, round, infinity edge and glass window spas just to name a few that Striking Pools can design & construct for you.

Infinity Edge Pools Melbourne

Infinity or “Negative edge” concrete pools & spas give the illusion of the water level seamlessly transitioning into the surrounding landscape or horizon providing a luxurious resort style effect to your concrete swimming pool or spa. Perfect for a sloping block or pool location with a brilliant outlook, or simply If you're wanting to create a stunning water effect. Discuss your custom concrete infinity edge visions anytime with our pool design & construction team at Striking Pools.

Acrylic Pool Windows Melbourne

Acrylic pool windows can provide a great feature to your house & backyard. Visually stunning viewing panels seamlessly blends the concrete pool design with its surroundings.

Discuss your custom concrete swimming pool or spa visions anytime with our pool design & construction team at Striking Pools.

Adding a water feature to your swimming pool is a great option if you're looking to enhance your concrete swimming pool as a feature or if you love the tranquil sound that water features can create. The possibilities are endless from sheer descent, to water jets, to water walls, to water spouts , our team at Striking Pools can design and build a unique and custom water feature to suit your pool and style.


As a standard with every pool handover kit Striking Pools supply, you will receive a pool vacuum. If you enjoy a bit of hands on pool maintenance, then a pool vac is the most cost-effective option to maintain your pools cleanliness.

Robotic pool cleaners are an effortless & affordable way to clean your pool. With advanced scanning & navigation they are a brilliant tool to keep your prized pool looking fabulous.

In floor cleaning systems provide excellent water circulation & removes the need for vacuums & robotic cleaners. Using pool jets it pushes water around the entire concrete pool, circulating all debris and dirt into your skimmer box, not only making the cleaning of your pool almost maintenance free, but also assisting with the circulation of your pool water helping prevent the onset of algae.


Although it has fantastic water clarity properties, it can irritate the skin and eyes.

Salt water pools are extremely popular , containing lower levels of chlorine its not as harsh on the skin and eyes, it also has a softer feeling on the body and are a lot less maintenance than a chlorinated pool.

A magnesium mineral pool can do wonders for your health. Mineral pools are almost odour free and the water feels super soft and silky to swim in. Swimming in a mineral pool can help alleviate aches and pains and sooth your skin.

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