Our custom concrete pools are of high-quality and are a great asset to your backyard. With many options available to suit every space and landscape throughout many locations in Melbourne.

Our team can build any shape or size you choose with options of render, partially tiled, fully tiled or plunge pools and in every finish including rendered, Ceramic MosaicGlass MosaicCrystal Glass and Natural Stone finishes for both pools and spas.

Choosing a custom concrete swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make for your property and lifestyle.

A custom pool allows you to choose your exact specifications from size and shape, to the glass, tiles and edging without the restriction of a prefabricated model. Our custom pools are built from the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure the longevity of your pool so you can feel confident you have made the right choice. 

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Looking for the ultimate in backyard luxury?
A custom concrete pool built specifically for you and your backyard will elevate your outdoor living space more than you can imagine. Our concrete pools are custom built to any shape or size, and can be finished in any colour and style you desire. With our luxurious finishes and expert construction, your pool will be the envy of the neighbourhood.
Melbourne concrete swimming pools


Infinity or “Negative edge” concrete pools & spas give the illusion of the water level seamlessly transitioning into the surrounding landscape or horizon providing a luxurious resort-style effect to your concrete swimming pool or spa.
Perfect for a sloping block or pool location with a brilliant outlook, or simply If you’re wanting to create a stunning water effect.

Discuss your custom concrete infinity edge visions anytime with our pool design & construction team at Striking Pools.


Looking to enjoy a dip all year round and at any time of the day? A custom concrete spa by Striking Pools is a great addition to your concrete swimming pool or stand-alone spa if you wish.

Not only are spas great to enjoy socially they provide many health benefits such as relaxation and relieving of muscle aches and pains, stress relief and can also assist in helping you sleep.
The construction possibilities are endless, such as raised, round, infinity edge and glass window spas just to name a few that Striking Pools can design & construct for you.
Concrete swimming pools in Melbourne


Whether you’re limited for space of simply looking for a compact concrete pool to have a dip in, our Melbourne-based team at Striking Pools can design and construct an in situ concrete plunge pool to suit your space and budget, with a wide range of interior finishes.

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Make an enquiry – Simply reach out today via email or phone to receive a quotation. After you have reviewed & you are comfortable with your initial quotation, we then arrange a meeting onsite to discuss your project in further detail.


Finalise your quotation – After the on-site meeting, your quotation is finalised & we then arrange a meeting in our showroom to sign building contracts. Once contracts are signed we start preparing your plans and submit all necessary documentation for building permit application.

Construction – Once permit is finalised, we then commence construction. We undertake all aspects of your swimming pool construction in a timely & organised fashion. Once construction is complete, we then hand over your beautiful new Striking Pool for you & your family to enjoy.


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Acrylic pool windows can provide a great feature to your house & backyard. Visually stunning viewing panels seamlessly blends the concrete pool design with its surroundings.

Discuss your custom concrete swimming pool or spa visions anytime with our pool design & construction team at Striking Pools.

Concrete pools in Melbourne


Adding a water feature to your swimming pool is a great option if you’re looking to enhance your concrete swimming pool as a feature or if you love the tranquil sound that water features can create. The possibilities are endless from sheer descent, to water jets, to water walls, to water spouts , our team at Striking Pools can design and build a unique and custom water feature to suit your pool and style.


Although it has fantastic water clarity properties, it can irritate the skin and eyes.

Salt water pools are extremely popular, containing lower levels of chlorine its not as harsh on the skin and eyes, it also has a softer feeling on the body and are a lot less maintenance than chlorinated pool.

A magnesium mineral pool can do wonders for your health. Mineral pools are almost odour free and the water feels super soft and silky to swim in. Swimming in a mineral pool can help alleviate aches and pains and sooth your skin.

Concrete swimming pools Melbourne

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