The installation of this incredible Roman-sytle, bath at Melbourne’s newest wellness centre, is absolutely a highlight for Striking Pools.

Midway through 2020 we were fortunate to be part of a new venture for MIC Projects which saw the design and construction of a large heated mineral pool at Melbourne’s newest and biggest bathhouse and day spa. The Roman-style communal bath reaches a delightful 39 degrees, with an adjacent sauna hitting 80 degrees.

Situated on the boarder of Collingwood and Fitzroy, the recently opened venue, Sense of Self, brings the best and most beloved communal bathhouse traditions to modern life; incorporating soft colours, brass highlights and statement tapware to create a welcoming space.

The earthy colour palette of the pool tiles supplied by The Pool Tile Company, work to encompass the ‘Mediterranean’ aesthetic, while the incredible pool ladder by Hazelwood Engineering and wide shower curtain, add to the opulent bathing experience.

For this pool, we used the innovative MagnaPool® Mineral pool by Zodiac, which makes for a therapeutic and healthier swim experience. The MagnaPool® is the only trusted and authentic ‘no salt’ mineral pool available, and is not only better for the environment, but gentler on sensitive skin.

Be sure to visit Sense of Self in Collingwood, to check out this epic bathing pool and to indulge in a bit of relaxation and restoration.