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Regular pool maintenance is essential for keeping your pool in top-quality condition. Based in Wheelers Hill, Striking Pools provides a diverse range of pool maintenance services to keep your pool or spa looking and functioning at its best. Whether it’s emergency equipment replacements or monthly cleaning, our team is committed to safeguarding the longevity of your pool.

Pool maintenance and care services Wheelers Hill

Professional pool maintenance Wheelers Hill

Benefits of Regular Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance covers a wide range of tasks, services, and routines. While it’s understandable that pool owners may occasionally overlook their maintenance responsibilities, adhering to a regular care routine offers numerous benefits in both the short and long term. Pool maintenance not only ensures that your pool is always ready for a spontaneous swim but also extends its lifespan. Here are some benefits of embracing pool maintenance services such as cleaning and equipment inspections:

  • Improved cleanliness
  • Balanced chemistry for a swim-ready pool
  • Optimised equipment functionality
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Better safety for swimmers
  • Prolonged pool lifespan
  • Prevention of damage
  • More opportunities to enjoy your pool year-round!

Our Wheelers Hill Pool Services

Striving to meet all your pool maintenance needs, Striking Pools offers a wide range of services. Our team of experienced technicians is on hand to address any unforeseen issues that may arise for pool owners. Whether you need an emergency repair or regular monthly maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you prepare for every season, from summer to winter and everything in between, with our comprehensive pool maintenance services.

Pool cleaning Wheelers Hill


With our pool cleaning services, we take care of all the vital tasks to maintain a sparkling pool. Our packages include surface skimming, floor vacuuming, waterline tile cleaning, basket emptying, and additional services.

Pool Chemical Balancing Wheelers Hill


For the health and safety of everyone who swims in your pool, it is vital that you maintain the right chemical balance. Our team can test your pool’s levels and adjust the chemicals accordingly.

Pool equipment inspection and repair Wheelers Hill


We’re here to ensure all your pool equipment stays in prime condition. Our technicians meticulously inspect and repair all vital pool equipment, from heaters and filters to pumps.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance Wheelers Hill


Your pool shouldn’t be reserved solely for hot summer days. With our seasonal pool maintenance services, we can adjust your solar heating between seasons, ensuring your water remains at the perfect temperature all year round.

Green pool and storm drainage cleanup Wheelers Hill


When your pool faces challenges like wild weather conditions or algae infestations, our Striking Pools technicians are here to swiftly restore its function and appearance. Trust us to get your pool looking crystal clear once more.

Pool blanket/pool cover supply and install Wheelers Hill


The knowledgeable team at Striking Pools excels in supplying and installing superior pool blankets and covers. We prioritise achieving perfect fits, improving energy efficiency, shielding against debris, and encouraging water conservation, all aimed at lowering your ongoing expenses.

{Tips for Successful Pool Care in Wheelers Hill} | Wheelers Hill Pool Care Tips | Tips for Pool Care Tips for {Suburb 2} Pool Owners

If you’re looking for ways to guarantee the health and beauty of your pool, there are several steps you can take. We recommend that pool owners build a maintenance routine of their own between visits from our professional technicians. Not only will this help to limit damage, but it will also avoid unnecessary costs from avoidable issues. Here are a few of our top tips for how to care for your pool between professional visits:

Keep your filters clean and clear of debris
Regularly skim the surface of your pool
Monitor the chemical levels of your water
Maintain the water levels of your pool
Routinely inspect your equipment to catch problems before they get more serious

Mobile pool service Wheelers Hill

Tailored Mobile Pool Servicing

You deserve pool maintenance that fits seamlessly into your life. Here at Striking Pools, we strive to ensure that our services never disrupt your daily routine. Through our mobile pool servicing, we tailor your package to match your preferences and lifestyle. We provide only the specific services necessary to maintain the excellence of your pool and can coordinate our visits to suit your schedule. You can choose the mobile pool servicing options you require, and our team will arrive at a time convenient for you. Whether it’s a routine inspection or an urgent repair, we’re here to assist you.

Your Pool Maintenance Questions Answered

Being proactive is key to effective pool maintenance. By adhering to regular cleaning, inspection, and treatment routines, you can ensure the health and safety of your pool.

To maintain your pool’s pristine appearance, it’s crucial to keep your filter in optimal condition. Additionally, ensure correct chemical balance, prevent algae growth, and maintain proper water circulation.

At Striking Pools, we offer a variety of services and maintenance packages at competitive prices. The cost depends on your pool’s size and required services, so feel free to reach out for a personalised quote.

What Sets Us Apart?

Comprehensive ServicesDealing with numerous providers for your pool maintenance needs can be exhausting. Striking Pools provides all-encompassing cleaning services, inspections, and repairs to elevate your pool’s condition.

Local Support

You don’t have to look far and wide for outstanding assistance. Striking Pools provides premium pool care across Wheelers Hill and the surrounding areas.

Qualified TeamWhy compromise when you can have unmatched expertise? At Striking Pools, we take pride in our team of skilled, experienced, and fully qualified technicians.

Call Us Now to Elevate Your Pool and Spa Care

When it comes to premium pool maintenance in Wheelers Hill, Striking Pools offers all the essentials. Our highly skilled technicians have all the experience and training required to provide comprehensive pool maintenance support. Whether you need an emergency repair for broken down equipment or a reliable cleaning service to visit every month, we’re ready to lend a hand. Call us today to discuss your pool maintenance needs.

Pool and Spa care services Wheelers Hill

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