There are several interchangeable terms when it comes to Infinity pools & spas; ‘Zero Edge’, ‘Negative Edge’ and even ‘Vanishing Edge’ are some common examples when describing pools and spas without discernible edges.

Designed with at least one wall shorter than the water level, Infinity pools allow for water to gently cascade over the edge creating the illusion of water seamlessly transitioning into the surrounding landscape. While this visual effect is generally observed from within the pool, Infinity pools make for impressive architectural elements to be admired from any point of view.


Once associated primarily with luxury resorts and hotels, Infinity pools & spas are now a popular addition across residential homes. You can enjoy the luxurious style in the comfort of your own home, while simultaneously adding value to your property.


Infinity pools are ideal for a sloping block or locations with a brilliant outlook as they allow you to sit above the horizon, becoming one with the surrounds. However, it should be noted that an Infinity pool is perfect for anyone wanting to create a stunning water feature, regardless of the view.


An infinity pool does not need to stand fully above ground, as partially raised pools and inground pools with raised spas still offer the ‘wet edge’ or ‘zero edge’ effect with water flowing softly over their walls, concealing their edges.

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